Who We Are?

'Oz Investing-For the everyday Investor'

As the tag line suggests, is a finance and investing podcast for the 'everyday investor' based on the experiences and research of two mates, Sam and Jude. Our common interest for investing has led to many interesting conversations about finance and the stock market. It was during one of these conversations where Sam mentioned 'Why not start a podcast to document our journey and share our learnings with the everyday Aussie who would like to explore this world of investing, particularly with an Australian focus.

And here we are today, through this podcast , trying to address some of the queries we faced on this journey hoping it would help anyone listening. Now we don't claim to be financial advisors and most definitely don't claim to know everything in finance or investing. We will be the first one's to acknowledge that we have so much to learn. However, we are hoping that this podcast translates into a 2 way learning medium, where we share our experiences as well learn from the experiences of our listeners.


Hi, I'm Sam, 

I started my investing journey with property in the middle 2017. At first, my idea was to build a property portfolio and build wealth through this investment vehicle. I attended property seminars and had a subscription in the Australian Property Investor Magazine. However, in 2018, I started self learning about stocks and the share market. My strategy now is to build a large stock portfolio to hopefully provide me with more options later in life such as spending more time with family and friends and giving back to the local community.


Hi, I'm Jude

Just like you I consider myself a beginner in the investing world. I'm in pursuit of an investment strategy that would enable a regular bloke like me make decent returns from the stock market but more importantly enable me to make informed decisions.

While I have dabbled into a couple of investment options, I am a complete newbie when it comes to investing in the Australian markets as my wife and I moved to Melbourne in 2019 from Mumbai, India. However, I hope through this  channel we get to help each other and share our investing journey and learnings.