The Books We Recommend

Barefoot Investor.jpg

The Barefoot Investor

Scot Pape

 Highly recommended for the Australian based reader who is unsure of what to do with their finances.  Easy to follow steps and practical advice


Motivated Money

Peter Thornhill

Excellent book that highlights the importance of dividends when looking at the overall return of a stock



Danielle Town

For anyone new to investing this is truly a good book to read and get a better understanding of the value investing world. 


Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness

Jim Rohn

Great all round book! Not just for finance but also about life as well

Rule 1.jpg

Rule #1

Phil Town

Explanation of key concepts to value investing in a simple and straightforward manner. The book provides a method to  analyse a company. 



Danielle Ecuyer

A good read, specially if you are an Aussie Investor who wants to understand share investing concepts without the jargons.